Texas Woman Files Latest Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Against Coloplast
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Texas Woman Files Latest Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Against Coloplast

By Jessica Tyner


Coloplast vaginal mesh lawsuitA Texas woman is the latest vaginal mesh victim to file a lawsuit over her injuries. The lawsuit, filed on June 10 in West Virginia, joins hundreds of other vaginal mesh lawsuits pending against Coloplast in the mass tort case Coloplast Corp. Pelvic Support System Products Liability Litigation, where she’s discovered she’s not alone in her suffering.

Vaginal mesh implants are often used to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), which is what the plaintiff had, but they can come with heartbreaking complications.

The lawsuit plaintiff received Coloplast’s Novasilk-Synthetic Flat Metal Mesh in May of 2011 to treat her pelvic organ prolapse, which had led to incontinence. However, the mesh in the bladder sling implant didn’t seem to be helping, so she was implanted with a second mesh implant -- the TVT Exact -- 18 months later. Both implants were defective, she claims, and caused severe, possibly permanent injuries.

Since she’s a relatively new vaginal mesh victim, it’s too soon to tell if the damages caused by the Coloplast implants are permanent -- but oftentimes, they are. Vaginal mesh lawsuits claim that the makers knew about the potential side effects of these devices, such as the mesh becoming embedded in tissues and leading to infertility from scar damage, but chose to downplay the risks for financial gain.

What Can a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Do?

Like many vaginal mesh sufferers, the latest victim is suing for punitive damages, economic loss, pain and suffering and emotional distress. While there are a number of potential vaginal mesh complications, the FDA reports that the most common are infections, bleeding, painful intercourse, mesh erosion and organ perforation. When a metal device is implanted in an area with such delicate tissue and near organs, it’s a recipe for disaster. While POP can be burdensome and incontinence embarrassing, it’s nothing compared to the side effects of some vaginal meshes.

The FDA released a report in 2011 that classified complications as “not rare” and said other forms of POP treatment are likely more effective. However, most women trust their doctors and don’t delve into self-research when treating an issue. The FDA has requested that 33 different makers of vaginal mesh implant products conduct more research, but that won’t stop the thousands of vaginal mesh victims around the U.S. from seeking compensation they deserve.

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settlements

Millions of dollars have already been awarded to vaginal mesh victims. Linda Gross was the first woman to successfully sue a maker of vaginal mesh implants and she was awarded $11.1 million. Big names like Johnson & Johnson make vaginal mesh implants, and that company is expected to pay our $3.35 million in compensatory damages as well as $7.76 million in punitive damages per person.

While these are handsome figures, no amount will make up for years of pain and suffering, infertility and the inability to have sex for many of these victims.

Did Your Vaginal Mesh Implant Fail?

Were you implanted with a vaginal mesh, vaginal sling or bladder sling implant and it caused complications? If so, you might qualify for a vaginal mesh legal claim. Just like thousands of other women, you deserve compensation for your ongoing pain and suffering.

You can discover more about your rights at the Transvaginal Mesh, Vaginal Sling, Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Class Action Lawsuit Investigation. You’ll get a chance to submit your information, and a vaginal mesh attorney will contact you if you have a case for a free claim review.


Updated July 5th, 2013


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